Do you know that Doctors, Engineers, Pilots,Bankers and Accountants have something in common? All of them have a good background in Math!
But do you know that 41% of high school juniors have difficulty computing decimals, simple fractions and percentages?(U.S. Department of Education)
In an increasingly competitive world, don't let your child be at a disadvantage!
Let us help your child prepare for a wonderful future now!
We offer the most popular enrichment programs all under one roof!

Mental Math
Abacus Math
Build and Strengthen a Math Foundation!!
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strengthening mathematical concepts
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase memory power
  • Develop photographic memory
  • Develop observational skills
  • Develop visualization and imagination
  • Increase brain development
  • Increase academic performance in all subjects
Test Preparation
Tutoring for Standardized Tests
Children will learn the following:
  • Proven Test Taking Strategies
  • Academic Preparation
  • Essential Time Management Skills
  • Familiarization with Concepts Tested
  • Full Length Practice Test
  • Quick Problem Solving Tactics
  • Remove Stress and Instill Confidence
Public Speaking
Communication is the door and Confidence is the key
Children will learn the following:
  • How to write and deliver a speech
  • How to use Vocal Variety, Body Language and Gestures
  • Present thoughts both logically and convincingly
  • Overcome Nervousness
Mixed Media Art
Drawing with a variety of mediums
Tap into your child's creative potential!!
  • Learn to draw and create using a variety of mediums including: pencil and charcoal, markers, acrylic, and collage.
  • Develop concentration + observation skills.
  • Learn under the guidance of Professional Artist and Designers.
  • Increase hand and eye coordination
Piano Lessons
Music within Reach
Start Taking Lessons Today!
  • Friendly, Professional instructors
  • Affordable lesson plans
  • Flexible schedules
  • Helps develop: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and confidence
  • Stimulate mental activity
Chess Lessons
Increased Memory and Logic Skills
Children will learn the following:
  • Develop memory & logical thinking
  • Improve imagination and creativity
  • Learn Independence
  • Develop the capability to predict and foresee consequences of actions
  • Inspire self-motivation
  • Improve Concentration
Summer Program
Maintain and Improve Skills
Children will experience the following:
  • Have a personal evaluation to determine academic needs
  • Improve weak points and strengthen what they already know
  • Get a jump start on the grade ahead
  • Fun and Educational Chaperoned Trips
  • Socialize and make great new friends
For Our Children's Ultimate Success
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