Training courses

Our training courses come in two variants:

As in-company course for private groups,
or as open course for individual registrations.

Focus Management

The training course starts with several tests to let the participant experience how the most significant concentration leaks feel.

Insights and minor behavioral changes can increase the resilience of the individual.

In addition, the pressure of the environment can be reduced by optimizing the organization of the work environment and processes.

With this two-pronged approach, more is achieved with less effort.

The training course includes

  • The functioning of the brain
  • Which four concentration leaks exist (and how to close them)
  • What attention residue entails in an Open Office
  • The OHIO principle
  • What MTS is and how to use it at work
  • How long can you work in succession for maximum results
  • The best apps to give your brain a rest

Speed reading, Mind mapping and Memory

In this training course, the participant discovers how to get through the work-related reading faster and more effectively.

Giving the participant more knowledge and creating more time for other work.

We focus on reading paper, as well as reading from screens.

In addition, they learn how to retain information for longer and how to use the mind mapping method.

The training course includes

  • Which factors prevent reading speed
  • Four methods to absorb information faster
  • The three ways to increase text comprehension
  • How to read more comfortable from screens
  • How not to get distracted while reading
  • The 20-20-20 rule
  • How to use
  • The Name System (never forget a name)
  • The Major System (never forget numbers)
  • What the Context Depended Memory entails
  • The seven basic rules for effective Business Mind Maps
  • The best Mindmap Software

Inbox to Zero

In this training course you will discover how to create an empty inbox every day and how to be completely up to date with your mail.

This provides you with peace of mind, which creates more room to work pro-actively.

The training course includes

  • The difference between stress and work pressure
  • How to gain control over the inbox, so that people no longer drown in emails
  • Trusting that nothing will be overlooked
  • Maintain an overview of tasks, calendars, and commitments
  • Get the mind space to make better decisions and have more time for important tasks
  • Become more convenient with email programs to work faster


Focus Management

one-day course


Speed reading for professionals

four hour course


Inbox to Zero

four hour course


- Preferably 8 and a maximum of 12 participants per training course
- Invoicing takes place after receipt of order confirmation
- Amounts are in euros excluding 21% VAT and travel costs (35 cents / km)
- Our general terms and conditions apply to all our training courses

More than 100,000 people preceded you

"The seminar is based on sound research, and the results are amazing. I finished the training with more tips and advice than I expected. Highly recommended!"

Jacqueline Traten - Account Manager, Rabobank

"My productivity has increased by 30%. I mainly use the techniques in my professional literature. The biggest surprise for me was that speed reading is mainly physical. That was an eye-opener."

Jeroen Bos - Lawyer, Allen & Overy

"The ideal training for people who have to read a lot for their work. Many practical and easy to learn methods and techniques make working life a lot more pleasant."

Daniƫl van Helden - Psychologist, Remarkable Mind

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